The Road Map to Your Future

Your road map to the future

The Masterclass road map below is a pathway to your business future. It allows you to design your own learning and training path with the class topics, tools, materials, briefings and workshops and based on set goals and outcomes that we assist you with during the classes.

Cherry Pick, Bespoke or Fixed Programmes

The class programme allows you to choose individual classes or a few depending on your goals and information needs.

Mentorship Programmes

Create and implement your training programme to meet your business needs with guidance and mentoring by Dr Drane and his team.

The programme also allows you to commit to part or all of our mentorship programme. The mentorship programmes allow you to be mentored by Dr Drane for a set period in a group cohort. This gives you the benefit of creating a like mind network with similar colleagues.

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We have designed a course and topic outline with a road map which has suggested pathways:

Class Road Map ( Suggested Pathways)

Miniature of Road Map- Down load link below

Road Map PDF Download Here

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