History of Property Development (Australia)

Discover the Foundations of Entrepreneurship: Mirages, White Shoes, the 80s and the GFC

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

This webinar chronicles 6 well known Australian Property Developers from 1955 to 2010 and  a giant of the industry – Dick Dusseldorp (Civil and Civic Lend Lease) then to Christopher Skase (Qintex/Mirage), Alan Bond ( Bond Corp) , Brian Ray (Ray Group), Peter Wills ( CRI) and  Paul Peterson (Girvan).

Their modus operandi and Property Developer Dynamics are revealed.

Who should come along?

-Business minded people who would like to understand and develop a skill-set and capacity in Property Development.

-Start up projects and businesses outside the property development industry.

-Entrepreneurs who would like to adapt their existing skill base to move into the Property Development Industry either as an employee and/or an entrepreneur.

-Businesses wanting to add a property development arm to your business, create a development project or a new development start up.

Whether you are a business owner wanting to create a property development capacity, a construction group wanting to forward integrate your design and development skills or an enthusiastic entrepreneur wanting to create a start up company, this integrated fast track training programme is for you.

The session includes valuable knowledge and expertise and include a section of the webinar on analyzing a real site with Dr Drane’s expert tricks of the trade and analytical methods and his toolkits.

The session introduces you to:

Dr Drane’s ‘Fundamentals’ Developer Toolkit which has analytical methods, tools and tricks of the trade to help you test your property development’s potential and viability and reduce risk of delivery.

Dr Drane’s ‘Start Ups’ Survival Toolkit which helps you establish a company structure for your brand new development company, its strategic plan and its first development/s.

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Dr Drane is recognised for his comprehensive multi-layer understanding of the processes and structures of property development and construction with an emphasis on the decay of professional practices and systems over history, which have led to the devastating level of dangerous defects in the high rise multi-apartment sector.

Dr Jonathan Drane