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Master Class Topic Schedule: ( Run on Wednesday Evening and Thursday Lunchtime subject to demand).


-Property Development Structures, Systems and Failures: Early Career Webinar series for Architects, Engineers, Builders and Lawyers.. Learn More

-City Growth Dynamics: Understand your city or town’s development dynamics.. Learn More

-Night Time Economy- Activating Night PrecinctsLearn More

-Think Like a Property Developer Series (introductory webinar to property development master class series of topics)… Learn More

Foundations of Property Development Entrepreneurship
Your Business Future- An Agile Life Path … Learn More

History of Property Development (Australia):
Discover the Foundations of Entrepreneurship: Mirages, White Shoes, the 80s and the GFC…. Learn More

Property Developer Dynamics and Politics in your City Precinct:
Bringing to life the political world of property developers and invites you to step into their shoes…. Learn More


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Dr Jonathan Drane