In August this year (2019) Jon accepted my offer to address a multicultural class of Kaplan MBA students in the subject Project Management. It was an online class which Jon delivered while I facilitated. His content came from his property development perspective. He has a passion and great depth of knowledge in various aspects of the property industry, which was plainly evident during his lecture. Students were really engaged with Jon’s style, knowledge and current industry anecdotes. When you are as passionate as Jon, it is picked up by students and this leads to an engaged classroom. I look forward to tapping into Jon’s vast experience for future classes, if he is available and has the time between his myriad other projects. Thank you Jon, I do hope you are able to guest lecture for my students in the future. John Powrie MBA Lecturer Kaplan College, CEO, The ECO Retreat, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Dr Drane’s masterclass on dynamic dormancy in mixed use areas was very useful in helping Councils to better understand the continuously evolving trading ecologies of growing cities. The masterclass offered practical insights for how Councils can manage mixed-use zones through existing frameworks, and garner the best community outcomes from such developments. Night Time Economy Councils’ Committee ( Local Government NSW): January 2019. see article below.

“The ‘Think like a Property Developer’ masterclass provided insight into property developments and developers through thought provoking case studies and discussions.” Marina Bennetts,
Bachelor of Business (Property). Third year. Ervin Graf Scholar at Stockland.

“What excites me the most about Jon Drane’s online webinars/classes is experiencing in depth conversations about property development in detail with himself and other speakers who have lived and breathed every aspect of the field” Andrew Student

“I Have attended a couple of sessions thus far and am far impressed by the practical knowledge being produced in these sessions. Being able to utilize readily available tools while also interacting with Dr Drane has enabled me to get the most out of each session. Looking forward to attending the upcoming sessions”. Chahid Makary Property Student WSU School of Business. Trinity Constructions.

“Dr Drane’s Master class is one of a kind. By having actual industry people as a guest speaker for each class, I have learned the real experiences that I need to be ready for my future career.”   Nate Wang Post Graduate Property Masters, WSU Business School January 2019. Research Analyst at Franklin Shanks.

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