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Creating Better Cities through Better Development Processes

Our cities are the product of  our city builders; Government Agencies, Local Councils, City Planners, Public and Private Property Developers not to mention community groups , activists and businesses. We rely on Property Developers more and more for the delivery of our buildings and city planners and builders are sometimes at their mercy not only in the scale of developments but also the quality of outcomes. Property Developers are often vilified and often deserve to be so. However little time is spent on actually understanding how property developers operate and the land parcels that they harvest in our cities. There are five key areas that I can contribute to a greater understanding and better process: – Creating Better Cities through instigation of quality property development processes and systems. -Delivering quality property development projects. -How to eliminate the current horrors of dangerous buildings and related defects. -How a property development fits into the dynamics and fabric of the overall city that it sits within. -Better understanding of the overall development process across public and private sector realms. With this charter I have devised an Advanced Teaching Programme which provides practical skills to students and practitioners of planning, economic development, property development, built environment and construction. I have integrated the concept of training which is usually applied to TAFE level teaching but bought the essence of this approach to a Master Class. The Master Class usually sits above traditional undergrad and postgrad coursework which can sometimes be augmented with a practical application focus. Whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner we provide challenging but rewarding methods that bring the practical skills of property development to life using real case studies and our own particular role play and game methods. I hope you enjoy these classes and become a worthwhile co-creator of better cities Relevant Links: www.jondrane.net for research, advisory and publications. Link to UNSW Library for Published Doctorate Research Sites – Jonathan Drane Jonathan’s Linked In Profile Read The City Whisperer News