Start Up Mentor Programme & Site Incubator

Welcome to our ‘Start Up Mentor Programme’

This programme is specifically for business people who would like to create a start up business or an extension to their existing business which focuses on Commercial Property Development and creating their first development project through our ‘Site Incubator’.

The Start Up programme has four phases which are shown in the chart below which is designed for you to take simple steps from creating a start up vehicle to creation of your first project to its completion then to creating an ongoing entity that creates more projects.

Dr Drane’s Mentor Programme

The programme is designed to get you started in the first ‘Start Up Stage’ and follow a training and mentor programme through the four stages. Your investment in the programme is designed to be affordable and incremental to allow for further commitment based on your results and returns in the real world.

Register for a Master Class or Workshop Here:

Bespoke or Suggested Pathways

You can follow our pathways through the different stages above or you can design your class topics based on your needs however there are some compulsory introductory topics which I require all Start Ups to have undertaken.

Parrallel Programme: Classes and Mentor Workshops

The programme has two streams: Master Class Attendance and Workshop Attendance. The class and workshop attendance is established based on discussion with Dr Drane on where you are up to with your development path.

Site Incubator

If you have an existing site that you are assessing for property development our site incubator workshops where you can bring your key stakeholders into the workshop and assess it’s risk, value and viability. The workshop provides a simulation of project outcomes with a development and risk analysis. It allows you to review several options and the best outcome without the risk and exposure to wrong decisions and partnerships.

For Further Information go to our Contact Us page and email Dr Drane.

I look forward to seeing you in Class.

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