Case Study- Mentoring Workshop

Project Case Study : What Ever Happened to Lindfield Avenue?

Attend this workshop and put yourself in the shoes of a property developer. Dr Drane will show you how to work up a site concept, analyse it and test its viability with his special toolkit and expert knowledge. This exciting site analysis workshop includes key tools and tips for startups and budding developers:

-Dr Drane’s Fundamentals Toolkit which allows you to analyse a site, create a concept and test its viability.
-Dr Drane’s Start Up Kit: Key Tricks of the Trade for Property Development Start Ups including company and project vehicles and strategies.

A Unique Case Study- Lindfield Avenue:

To those who have lived on the North Shore of Sydney, they will remember the Frank Sartor era of State Led Suburban Planning which has led to the proliferation of apartments along the Pacific Highway and surrounds.

The once genteel village of Lindfield, has had its fair share of new development, and particularly next to the train station in Lindfield Avenue. Once thriving but historical shopfronts were felled to meet the needs of the new mixed use development adjacent the station.

This webinar presents this as a case study where geographic, demographic and analytical tools are used to show how these shops were bought out and how the new development was justified commercially. But how did it go with the community?

Who should come along?

-Business minded people who would like to understand and develop a skill-set and capacity in Property Development.

-Start up projects and businesses outside the property development industry.

-Entrepreneurs who would like to adapt their existing skill base to move into the Property Development Industry either as an employee and/or an entrepreneur.

-Businesses wanting to add a property development arm to your business, create a development project or a new development start up.

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Dr Drane is recognised for his comprehensive multi-layer understanding of the processes and structures of property development and construction with an emphasis on the decay of professional practices and systems over history, which have led to the devastating level of dangerous defects in the high rise multi-apartment sector.

Dr Jonathan Drane