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Master Class Prices

Bespoke or Follow a Path

Choose a topic, a few topics, a course or the whole programme of courses. Each interface will give you a meaningful practical insight and training in the real world of commercial property development. The pathways we suggest may lead to your first start up company, your first property development or an integrated extension of your current business needs.

The pricing schedule is designed to be affordable to allow a bespoke approach or for you to design your own pathway or our suggested pathways.

Accelerated Learning and Training: The One Month Course

Our courses are each designed to be completed in a calendar month across 4 weekly Class Webinars (1.5hrs each) and 1 Mentor Workshop.

The courses can be taken individually or in sequence based on difficulty level see our class topic road map in the sidebar ->.

The topics within the course can also be taken individually based on your progression, needs, budget and programme.

Course & Topic Prices

Miniature of Pricing Schedule current 2020 see below for a pdf download

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See you in class!

Dr Jonathan Drane