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Our Research Workshops  and Briefings focus on  key industry issues from Dr Drane’s research projects:

-Corrosion of Property Development Industry Structures and Resultant Defects and Tragedies.

-City Dormancy and Growth Dynamics with a Focus on Regional Settings and the Outer West of Sydney.

Upcoming Sessions

The Defects Dilemma: Defects and Tragedies in Multi-Apartment Developments (Includes Opal Tower)

Defects sadly are becoming the norm in the Property Development Industry and while some situations simply lead to maintenance and remediation programmes (which is bad enough) others can result in potential death. Chronicling tragedies from the Bankstown Incident in 2012 to Grenfell and Lacrosse Docklands and the more recent Opal Tower ( Dec 2018), Dr Drane provides a unique view of how the Property Development Industry’s professional practices have been eroded over time and the associated causes of such defects. How does the industry move forward to combat this systemic issue that can cost lives?

From Dormancy to Proliferation: How dormant city areas are brought to life.

What does it take to bring a dormant cityscape to life? Who or what drives these changes and what are the catalysts and forces behind Cityscapes which have remained dormant for decades and which suddenly spring to life? Jonathan’s doctoral research studied dormant Cityscapes across the Sydney Basin, Townsville’s Palmer Street Precinct and Newcastle’s Honeysuckle Precinct to provide an understanding of how these dormant areas ‘came to life’ suddenly. The truth is that they had a deep history of activation which is revealed by Jonathan’s works and resultant analytical models.

The Dormancy Dilemma in Outer West Sydney: The effect of high growth on historic town centres.

The Centre of Town or the Centre of Gravity-that is the Question: The Outer West Town Centres of Sydney are subject to massive development and population changes. It is often thought that growth like this brings re-vitalisation to old Town Centres, but the truth shows that the Historical Town Centres and Precints actually become vulnerable to dormancy and even growth resulting in what Dr Drane calls ‘Dynamic Dormancy’.

The B4 Conundrum: Is B4 Mixed Zoning a Blunt Planning Instrument?

The well worn Mixed Use Zoning (B4) has provided town and city planners with the ability to allow or promote different coinciding uses on a particular site. This typically  includes Apartments sitting over offices sitting over shops. The truth is that due to certain developer vagaries, it is found that not all developers are equipped to bring these three uses to life on the one site. Dr Drane draws on his dormancy research and current research interactions in key city precincts to make sense of this instrument and what might be done to make it a dynamic force for City Planners as the agent of change.

Case Studies on Dormancy and Proliferation of Cityscapes

-The Honeysuckle Phenomenon: Case Study Honeysuckle Precinct, Newcastle 2013: The Honeysuckle renewal project was commenced in the early 1990’s with stimulation of a former port area of the city into a mixed development precinct, seeded by the Building Better Cities Programme (BBC). Under the management of the Honeysuckle Development Corporation, the foreshore area was re-created by public land release to private development interests, based on a conceptual master plan and a scheme. Dr Drane takes you through the case study and shows the way cityscapes grow dynamically from dormant areas to vibrant new city offerings.

-The Palmer Street Story: Case Study Palmer St Precinct, Townsville 2012: Multi sector Regional City-Townsville, often referred to as the Queensland ‘Capital of the North’, was the recipient in the early 1990’s of BBC infrastructure funding for its former port area—the Palmer Street Precinct. In 2003 to 2007 the precinct  was the subject of intense development stimulation, that led to the proliferation of buildings in the precinct leading to it becoming a new ‘eat street’ precinct for the city. The apparent delayed reaction between the initial stimulus and the actual manifestation of development is an area of focus in the study.

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Time Table and Calendar

Time Table and Calendar

These classes are in a short webinar format and offered per attendee or per student group on a pay per session basis which runs at specific time slots that suit students and practitioners across the Asia Pacific region from New Zealand to Sydney to Asia:

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