We run workshops (both webinar and face to face) to facilitate a strategic pathway for your property development needs. This can be from business development to in-house training in property development processes. For non-property developers and government agencies it involves industry awareness and training on property development processes and structures.

Industry Workshop November 2018:

Business Development

Whether you are a development group wanting to improve your processes, a business wanting to diversify into property development or a new start-up development group we can help you with our workshops.

Industry Training

We run workshops to help you to understand property development processes or train your people in development skills. Whether you are a construction group who is forward-integrating your services into property development or a property development group wanting an edge we are there to help you.

Industry & Government Agency Education

Our workshops can provide a higher understanding of how property development works and the main players and dynamics. From taking our Master Class courses to tailoring a workshop for your organisational needs we are there to help. Whether you are an Economic Development Officer in a Local Council or a Manager in a Government Agency our workshops and Master Classes are there to help and draw on the deep pool of knowledge that Dr Drane and provides.

Student Mentoring- Thesis and Research

Mentoring and Coaching Research Methods

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