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I have created a new Master Class Offering in Commercial Property Development that is in a convenient and affordable ‘short webinar format’ which is run to augment lecturing timetables in Colleges and Universities across the Asia Pacific Time Zones (from New Zealand to Sydney to Asia).

At University and College level it is designed to be a supplementary offering to Lecturers that provides their students with industry based skills/knowledge and to interface with executives from the industry. The Master Classes focus on students being both ‘work ready’ for employment and ‘street smart’ for entrepreneurship.

The Master Classes  focus on industry issues and use case studies that are challenging and problematic. Industry leaders and executives are interviewed by Dr Drane and the students are able to interact and ask questions during the sessions.

Available Lecture Plug Ins

You can choose from the following:

Your Individual Students can Plug In to Our Webinar Class: Choose a class topic/s, see our booking page below and get your students to book in to the existing webinar offering. The students pay direct for the sessions for the prices as advertised. If the students join our fb group there is usually a discount offered.

Join our fb Group page for discount codes and other offers

Your Whole Class Can Plug In to our Webinar Class Topic: Choose a class topic/s and reserve a special session that we will run for your class which can be viewed during your class time. We provide a bulk discount and can cater for up to 100 students in the webinar session.

Industry Interview Plugins: Stay tuned to our interview blogs and request the recording or a live interview with an industry executive from our network.

Our Class Schedule

If you would like to receive our Class Schedule ( we call our Class Road Map) go to the optin form on the sidebar —–> and optin for the schedule. This provides all the topics available and the different pathways for students through the topics.

Our Class Booking Page

After you have chosen a topic go to our Booking Page on this link.

For Further Information go to our Contact Us page and email Dr Drane.

I look forward to seeing you in Class.