Foundations of Property Development Entrepreneurship

Your Business Future- An Agile Life Path

Are you business minded and an entrepreneur at heart and want to lead a resilient and agile life path?

This webinar is an introduction to the basic principles of entrepreneurship through understanding the property development value enhancement process.

Whether you are currently in the property development industry or not there are valuable lessons to be learned on how entrepreneurship is applied to development sites and then the same principles applied to your own entrepreneurial projects whether a new business, start up,app or tech product.

Property development takes raw land and adds value points along the development path from Site Consolidation to Re-zoning to Development Approval to Pre-Commitments to Completion.

Each of these is a value node that aligns to value points needed in many other entrepreneurial endeavours but is applied to a stable asset in land. Your new start up may not involve a stable asset and needs to be enhanced for ongoing promotion, funding, development and sale.

Who should come along?

-Business minded people who would like to understand and develop a skillset and capacity in Property Development.

-Start up projects and businesses outside the property development industry.

-Entrepreneurs who would like to adapt their existing skill base to move into the Property Development Industry either as an employee and/or an entrepreneur.

-Businesses wanting to add a property development arm to your business, create a development project or a new development start up.

Whether you are a business owner wanting to create a property development capacity, a construction group wanting to forward integrate your design and development skills or an enthusiastic entrepreneur wanting to create a start up company, this integrated fast track training programme is for you.

This valuable session also has a short survey/quiz and discussion on the skill sets of the attendee which aligns with skill sets in the industry from architect, designer to quantity surveyor and project manager and many more.

The session allows students to start building a bridge into the industry and is an introduction to Dr Drane’s unique ‘Mini-Course’ programme which fast tracks your new entrepreneurial skillset with measurable outcomes.

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Dr Drane is recognised for his comprehensive multi-layer understanding of the processes and structures of property development and construction with an emphasis on the decay of professional practices and systems over history, which have led to the devastating level of dangerous defects in the high rise multi-apartment sector.

Dr Jonathan Drane