Property Development Structures, Systems and Failures

Early Career Webinars For Engineers, Lawyers and Architects

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This is an upcoming webinar series for early career lawyers, engineers and architects that is titled  Property Development Systems. Structures and Failures. See link for the initial draft flyer (one page) which is currently used to obtain peak body support at academic, industry and government level.

The Defects Dilemma

The webinars chronicle the decay of professional practices in the Australian industry and then provide insights into structural and systemic issues that underly the failures in the industry. As a veteran building and development professional it is quite distressing to watch yet another fire in multi-apartment towers. The Opal Tower also set the tone for structural failures and is a significant incident as a result.

Dr Drane’s Defects Dilemma initiative has received ministerial acknowledgement and seeks to give peace of mind to multi-apartment owners who fear that their apartment block is vulnerable to dangerous defects like major cracking and fires. Learn More About the Initiative

Dr Drane has also created a Linked In Group to help solve this issue called The Property Development Doctor. Please join ( free) and stay up to date with the issues of building regulatory reform.

Dr Drane is recognised for his comprehensive multi-layer understanding of the processes and structures of property development and construction with an emphasis on the decay of professional practices and systems over history, which have led to the devastating level of dangerous defects in the high rise multi-apartment sector.

Who should come along:

The webinar series is designed for early career engineers, architects, builders, lawyers and certifiers.

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Dr Jonathan Drane