Dr Drane Master Class on Street Activation run at Night Time Economy Council Seminar

Dr Drane was recently invited to run a Master Class on Retail Street Activation in the Mixed Use Zoning situation at the Night Time Economy Council Master Class event at Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre held on 20th November 2018. The event was hosted by Canterbury Bankstown Council, promoted and organised by Local Government NSW and supported by The Dept of Planning and Environment  (DP&E). The audience was drawn from LGAs in regional settings across NSW as well as those from the Sydney Basin.

The attendees were welcomed by James Carey, Director of City Future at the City of Bankstown and then Alison Mclaren, Director of Local Planning Policy, DP&E who facilitated the key issues for the day related to planning and creation of Night Precincts and Economies.

Gary White, NSW Chief Planner gave an inspiring talk on mega trends from changing nature of work, to Third Space, Globalisation, Shift to Knowledge and Shift to City Living in the context of the 24 hour economy.

Ben Pechy, Planning Policy Manager City of Sydney ran a session on ideas for aligning a vision for Night Time Economy with LEPs and DCPs. Then break out workshops were run by Dr Drane ( independent researcher) and Michael Murrell, Employment Systems, DP&E which focused on assessment and curation of innovative mixed uses.

The key themes observed on the day included: Night Time Economy, Evening Economy, Mixed Use viability for stimulating night and day precincts as well as the challenges of adapting old town formations. The more detailed issues went to noise, construction, planning controls and instruments.

Attendees were from Planning, Urban Design, Economic Development,Community Services and Strategic Planning amongst others.

Dr Jonathan Drane

The session run by Dr Drane titled ‘The B4 Conundrum- Is B4 Mixed Zoning a Blunt Instrument or a Catalyst for Change’ used local case examples of B4 Mixed Use developments, to show the problems with activation of retail and offices that sit underneath multi-apartment developments. A companion blog article to this is shown below which elaborated on Dr Drane’s session.

Is B4 Mixed Use Zoning a Blunt Instrument or a Catalyst for Change?

It was a great event that explored the complexities related with Night Time and Evening Economies and how they meld with existing precincts and the planning instruments that might might be most appropriate.

Dr Jonathan Drane