City Growth Dynamics

Understand your City or Town’s development dynamics

Dr Drane brings to life the political world of property developers and invites you to step into their shoes.

If you are a city development officer/ planner at Government or Council level or a small business/entrepreneur seeking to enter the property development sphere this webinar is a perfect introduction to the dynamic and mercurial role of the property developer.

Our cities are more and more reliant on commercial property development to create our properties and buildings.

This reliance creates tension between the government led planning and development processes and the willpower of the private property development systems and practices. The politics of these processes can lead to community led resistance and even activism along social, economic and environmental aspects.

In the property developer’s internal processes also there are not only these external risk factors but risks and politics within their own delivery systems. Complex funding arrangements, equity, project entities, builder delivery risks, design integrity and eventual defects are just some of the issues.

This webinar introduces Dr Drane’s ‘role plays’ to provide a vivid depiction of these politics and players in the world of private property development.

The session places you in the shoes of the property developer and includes valuable knowledge and expertise and includes a section of the webinar on analyzing a real site with Dr Drane’s expert tricks of the trade and analytical methods and his toolkits.

Whether you are trying to control your inner city precinct development or participate in the development process this will bring you closer to defining your own goals and aspirations.

City Genetics

This class is an introduction to a series of further advanced classes on city property development dynamics which help city builders, designers, planner and developers understand how their development site fits into the development fabric of the city.

Dr Drane introduces you to what he calls ‘the genetic of property development’ or the ‘Seed in the Cityscape’.

Drawn from his extensive practitioner based research over 3 decades culminating in his Doctorate (2015) and ongoing ‘city dynamics’ research projects, the session brings to life the way in which  land lots are transformed into to land parcels which form the platform for new developments and the growth of our cities.

This fascinating topic forces us to view the future of our cities through different eyes and the associated vulnerabilities to unsuccessful, unsustainable and un-affordable developments.

The class is the first in a series called ‘The Seed in the Cityscape’ which includes:

-Land Parcel Dynamics
-Developer Dynamics
-Local Political Interests and Influences
-The Planner’s Conundrum
-Value transition and influence across precincts
-City Dormancy and Inertia
-Windows of alignment leading to developments

The series is offered as a set of classes that are in a curriculum.

Who Should Come Along?

Government Agencies- Development Officers, Planners, Administrators
Local Councils – Economic Development Managers, City Planners, Precinct Managers, Administrators
Property Development Groups
Shopping Centre Owners
Property Owners
Small Businesses
Community Groups

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Jonathan is a recognised expert in city precinct development with an emphasis on activation of dormant cityscapes. Jonathan’s doctoral research project (2011 to 2014) studied dormant cityscapes in several Australian regional cities  and how they were bought to life.

Dr Jonathan Drane