Dr Drane’s Faster Class (test site)

Dr Drane’s Faster Class (test site)

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Welcome to our new animated education series in City and Property Development.

Is your uni or college degree taking too long!

Are you falling asleep in class due to boredom?

And sick of racking up excessive education debt?

And you still don’t have a job?

 University degrees can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take a couple of years to complete

With no guarantee of obtaining employment or professional competence or accreditation. They are usually theory rich which is important but what about the professionals skills?

Enrol in Dr Drane’s Faster Class and enjoy a faster path to success for a fraction of the cost and time!

And yes..
get real professional skills
in city and property development
that you can get paid for
or make a business from
actually enjoy learning these skills!

Get started with our Starter Induction Course and check out our exciting new animated teaching method and competence rating.

Look at this 3 minute sample lesson:

Find out how our new animated teaching method includes:

-animation and fun to learn professional skills
-exciting game based skills assessment
-real case examples and workshops
-a faster path to professional skills and employment
-for a quarter of the cost and time

Why learn about City and Property Development?

Our cities are built predominantly
by property developers (both private and public).

Property development is a recognised business subject
in university and college courses but is not generally skills or competency based

our training method can improve and supplement
your understanding of coursework in
City Planning
Facility Planning
and many more.

It is a growing area of employment and a source of business and entrepreneurial skills.
So now you can learn these skills parallel to your university course.What do our students say?
“Dr Drane’s Master Class is one of a kind. By having actual industry people as a guest speaker for each class, I have learned the real experiences that I need to be ready for my future career.”   Nate, Post Graduate Property Masters, WSU Business School. Research Analyst, Franklin Shanks
——————————————What do our customers say:
‘Students were really engaged with Jon’s style, knowledge and current industry anecdotes. When you are as passionate as Jon, it is picked up by students and this leads to an engaged classroom. I look forward to tapping into Jon’s vast experience for future classes, if he is available and has the time between his myriad other projects.’
John Powrie, Kaplan Business School

Join our Starter Induction Course and get one step closer to your business and employment goals.

Join a new revolution in teaching professional skills

Our animated teaching method will change the way that professional skills are taught and get you into that job in a fraction of the time that university learning takes

We believe that it takes too long and too much money to obtain a university or college degree and for for ‘skills based lessons’ there is a better way which is more fun, provides the skills needed, in a ‘case based’ fast learn environment and most importantly is affordable.

Here is our commitment to you.

*Conditions Apply

University Versus Faster Class
This is how we provide our target commitment to you 

Thanks for your interest in our Faster Classes

Dr Jonathan Drane

About Jonathan

Jonathan holds the first practitioner based doctorate (PhD) in Property Development in Australia from UNSW Built Environment which explored the world of property development and its impact on cities.

He has also spent his working life creating commercial buildings from hotels, to apartment towers and office buildings and has been a developer as well as a mentor, teacher and lecturer.Who are our clients?
Dr Drane has run his master classes, workshops and as guest speaker with the following clients:

Dr Drane has taught students of property, architecture, business, finance, construction, town planning and many more at (and is alumni MGSM, UNSW)

What do our customers say about Dr Drane’s classes?

“What excites me the most about Jon Drane’s online webinars/classes is experiencing in -depth conversations about property development in detail with himself and other speakers who have lived and breathed every aspect of the field” Andrew Student

Dr Drane’s masterclass on dynamic dormancy in mixed use areas was very useful in helping Councils to better understand the continuously evolving trading ecologies of growing cities. Night Time Economy Councils’ Committee ( Local Government NSW)

Some Conditions:

By pressing the above Start Here Button you agree to our conditions as follows:

The undertaking, does not apply to a whole masters or undergraduate degree. It applies to specific relevant skills that are taught within a course or unit. Should our undertaking be disputed then you will need to evidence the relevant course/unit and its skills outcomes.

The skills outcomes you evidence must be competence based and not based on academic grading criteria. The intention is not to compare academic outcomes against our competency outcomes