Dr Drane’s Master Class platform has a new offering in the exciting online training portal called Dr Drane’s Faster Classes.

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The online training platform allows you to progress from zero to hero with your property development profile and training.

The Faster Class training platform provides a progression path which is explained in the following videos:

The progression path allows you to train online then when you meet competence scores provided through the course assessment process you become eligible to attend one of our Site Incubator Workshops where along with other students and industry mentors you can have your site reviewed in a webinar workshop on the Dr Drane’s Master Class platform. See next video:

The new offering uses exciting new animated learning processes created by Dr Drane from years of experience training practitioners in City and Property Development but also having lectured at Sydney University, UNSW Built Environment, WSU Business School, ICMS Business College and other institutions.

We hope you enjoy Dr Drane’s Faster Classes and find your other career or your new entrepreneurial path into property development

Dr Jonathan Drane

By jon@jondrane.net

Dr Jonathan Drane is an independent researcher and advisor to government, corporate, legal and academic sectors. He applies research methods to solve complex problems through project analysis in the commercial construction and development sector. Jonathan is a recognised expert in city precinct development with an emphasis on activation of dormant cityscapes. Jonathan’s doctoral research project (2011 to 2014) studied dormant cityscapes in several Australian regional cities and how they were bought to life. Going beyond just a research emphasis he was involved in the revitalisation of the Palmer Street Precinct, Townsville (2003 to 2008) as a catalyst developer. In this way he has both researched and been involved as a practitioner in this specific field of urban activation. His advisory profile ranges from planning urban development of dormant cityscapes, to forensic analysis of complex construction and property development problems in legal and industry situations. Jonathan is also a recognised award winning author in the non-fiction and historical genre winning an award for his first book on the Camino de Santiago (The Way of a Thousand Arrows) in 2007 with the NSW Writers Centre.

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