The high rise apartment building is in a state of crisis across the globe as a perceived safe form of accommodation for our families.

Our own Australian tragedies and misadventures include (Bankstown 2012, La-Crosse Docklands 2014, Opal Tower Sydney 2018, Neo Melbourne 2019) and then there are the international cases like Grenfell (UK 2017) and the Torch Tower (Dubai 2017).

The peace of mind of normal apartment owners is stretched to the limit. So how can you help solve this complex problem?

Join Our Linked In Group: The Property Development Doctor

The group was started in the wake of tragedies across the Globe in multi-apartment fires.  The focus is on defects in the Australian Commercial Property Development Industry in the High Rise Multi-Apartment Sector which is an area that is not protected well by legislative processes, licensing and insurances.

Call for Members:

I am calling all apartment owners and Linked In followers and their friends who are interested in contributing to the understanding of the complexities and reasons behind the multi-apartment sector tragedies and misadventures.

Group Purpose and Activities

This group is an industry led action group to assist in the understanding and resolution of this issue. It shares posts, blogs and articles relevant to the issue and the group collectively could hold the wisdom to solve the jig saw puzzle. It also has a research function to gather key themes and issues related to this endemic problem.

Consumers and Apartment Owners: Join, Understand and Contribute

You don’t have to be a professional or expert in the industry to join the group. We would like to hear from consumers and apartment owners as much as industry members who hold a key to understanding the complex processes and legislations across numerous states and territories.

Research Based

Social Media is great for the social networking and sharing but it also helps us to create research processes and ongoing thematic research projects around the key issues related to defects. This might be the role of the property developer, the loss of control of the architect or the disconnect between the developer and the end owner of the high rise apartment.

Not For Profit Research Outcome

The group is run on a benevolent basis by Dr Drane and any proceeds for the purposes of research are used to help him and his team continue to conduct research on this important area.

Call for Research & Social Media Based Co-Administrators

Dr Drane is a recognised researcher, educator and adviser to government and industry see He has collaborated and conducted research at several universities including Sydney University, UNSW Built Environment, Western Sydney University School of Business and ICMS. He is also an MBA alumni of MGSM and assists students to realise a future path ( see Beyond MBA).

He is interested in forming collaborations with masters and honours students or early career researchers interested in the area of defects. This is a massive burgeoning area and is already the subject of funded projects. Existing members are in this space already.

The Linked In Group is a great vessel and vehicle for exchange and research. It also helps share the load of running the group by allowing members to be assistant administrators. If you are interested in becoming a co-administrator I am interested in people who are interested in research as well as those who are conversant with social media and digital marketing to help raise the profile of the group.

If you are interested in becoming a co-administrator, please message me through Linked In or email me on

Industry Webinar Briefings

Dr Drane also runs industry level workshop webinars through his Master Class platform see

See his upcoming short webinar briefing on The Defects Dilemma: The cracks in the system which is an introductory short webinar to industry to highlight the key systemic reasons for defects. See our webinar post: The webinar is a precursor to several theme related webinars on this issue.

Background to the Group

The group was started in January 2019 in the wake of tragedies across the Globe in multi-apartment fires. The founder of the group is property development historian and researcher Dr Jonathan Drane. It is designed to help consumers and industry understand the reasons behind these defects and going beyond a technical explanation and into understanding the decay of property development processes and professional practices over many decades and evolutions.

Join Here:

I look forward to you joining the group and hope we can as a community help bring peace of mind to our families who currently live in high rise apartment towers.

Dr Jonathan Drane


Dr Jonathan Drane is an independent researcher and advisor to government, corporate, legal and academic sectors. He applies research methods to solve complex problems through project analysis in the commercial construction and development sector. Jonathan is a recognised expert in city precinct development with an emphasis on activation of dormant cityscapes. Jonathan’s doctoral research project (2011 to 2014) studied dormant cityscapes in several Australian regional cities and how they were bought to life. Going beyond just a research emphasis he was involved in the revitalisation of the Palmer Street Precinct, Townsville (2003 to 2008) as a catalyst developer. In this way he has both researched and been involved as a practitioner in this specific field of urban activation. His advisory profile ranges from planning urban development of dormant cityscapes, to forensic analysis of complex construction and property development problems in legal and industry situations. Jonathan is also a recognised award winning author in the non-fiction and historical genre winning an award for his first book on the Camino de Santiago (The Way of a Thousand Arrows) in 2007 with the NSW Writers Centre.

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