Upcoming Industry Webinar: Solving the Defects Dilemma- The cracks in the System

Upcoming Industry Webinar: Solving the Defects Dilemma- The cracks in the System

Webinar Dates:

Thursday 28th March 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Book a seat here: https://bookwhen.com/jdmasterclass/e/ev-swqu-20190328193000

The high rise apartment building is in a state of crisis across the globe as a perceived safe form of accommodation for our families .

Our own Australian tragedies and misadventures include (Bankstown 2012, La-Crosse Docklands 2014, Opal Tower Sydney 2018, Neo Melbourne 2019) and then there are the international cases like Grenfell (UK 2017) and the Torch Tower (Dubai 2017).

The peace of mind of normal apartment owners is stretched to the limit.

Defects are becoming the norm in the Property Development & Construction Industry and while some situations simply lead to maintenance and remediation programmes (which is bad enough) others can result in potential economic loss , death or disruption to apartment owners.

So Why is it So?

This industry catchup-webinar is run by industry recognised researcher, educator and advisor Dr Jonathan Drane who provides a systemic view of the key factors behind the rise in defects including:

-the property developer’s role
-the financier as an enabler
-the architect’s loss of control through history
-historical decay of professional practices,
-lack of education of industry structures and systems
-the separate nature of buildings sectors, 
-the confusing dialects and languages across compliance systems 
-the federal/state system and its inconsistencies across jurisdictions
-the pre-sale contract and its disconnect from the strata corporate during development
-lack of consumer education at pre-sale level

Dr Drane provides a unique view of how the Property Development Industry’s professional practices have been eroded over time and the associated causes of such defects. How does the industry move forward to combat this systemic issue that can cost lives?

Who should come along?

Government agencies
Peak Bodies at industry and consumer levels
Accreditation bodies
Business Leaders
Industry professionals

The session involves a short survey and condenses the factors into key themes that will form the basis for further webinars by Dr Drane through his Master Class programme https://mclass.jondrane.net/

Join Our Linked In Group: The Property Development Doctor

The group was started in the wake of tragedies across the Globe in multi-apartment fires.  The focus is on defects in the Australian Commercial Property Development Industry in the High Rise Multi-Apartment Sector which is an area that is not protected well by legislative processes and licensing.

Articles and prior national level presentations by Dr Drane that bring this to life are referred to:


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