Step into a Property Developer’s Shoes and See the City from a Different Point of View

Step into a Property Developer’s Shoes and See the City from a Different Point of View

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur wanting to explore the realms of property development, a city planner who is trying to anticipate development trends or an economic development officer intent on precinct and economic activation, it helps to understand how Property Developers think, operate and control development processes.

How do Property Developers Think?

Dr Drane brings to life the world of property developers and invites you to step into their shoes in his dynamic webinars that are run every Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm to 9.00pm AEDT Sydney Australia.

Our Next Class ‘Think Like a Property Developer’ is on Wednesday 13th February 2019 at 7.30pm to 9.00pm AEDT Sydney Australia

Join Our Exciting New ‘Mini-Course’ Training Programme

Join our exciting new training programme which includes:

Dr Drane’s ‘Fundamentals’ Developer Toolkit which has analytical methods, tools and tricks of the trade to help you test your property development’s potential and viability and reduce risk of delivery

Dr Drane’s ‘Start Ups’ Survival Toolkit which helps you establish a company structure for your brand new development company, its strategic plan and its first development/s.

A One Month ‘Mini-Course’ Period: The course includes 4 webinar classes X 1.5 hours each and 1 Webinar Mentor Workshop with Dr Drane X 2.5hrs.

A Certificate of Completion: Attend all seminars and the workshop and participate in our interactive processes and we provide a Certificate of Completion.

Measure your own outcomes and achievements: The webinars and workshops are outcomes based where you will see marked improvements in your confidence, understanding and implementation of your strategic plans.

Course Topics:

-Entrepreneurship and Creating an Agile Life Path, Think Like a Property Developer, History of Property Development, Politics of Property Development, A Case Study Site Analysis– A key existing development site is dissected and work-shopped in each webinar and the development process and results explored and revealed.

Upcoming This Week: ‘Think Like a Property Developer’ is a 1.5 hour Webinar Class Price: Normally valued at $AUD50 plus gst

30% discount code available below

Discounted Price: $AUD 35 plus gst

Quote the discount code below and pay only $AUD35 plus gst: Discount Code: toolkit

Dr Jonathan Drane

See you in class.

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