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Welcome to our training programme in City and Property Development

Dr Drane’s game learning platform provides fast track integrated learning of professional skills that can lead to real commercial outcomes for you or your business in the realm of Commercial Property Development.

The programme provides a home for professionals to continue their industry skills development from college/university through to mid career and then third age students. It is priced to be always immediately affordable.

The web site is designed based on a collection of micro information modules in the form of mini videos , games and puzzles.

The training augments University, Institute and College curriculum and are a means to both academic and professional progression and development.

Game Learning Gallery

We teach about property development and how developers think using our new game learning platform on

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Master Class Course Gallery

The five courses in the gallery below are designed to allow for professional progression from the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and development to advanced understanding of property and city development dynamics. They are designed to allow you to choose your own pathway depending on your business needs or follow our suggested pathways.

Professional and Commercial Outcomes

The courses are designed based on a combined ‘teaching and training process’ that allows you to be recognised for professional progression and competency based on our integrated methods. Commercial outcomes may include: identification and realisation of business metrics and goals, real activation of projects, use of entrepreneurship practices or application of course tools and methods to real life project and business situations.

Academic Learning Outcomes & Accreditation

Our courses are designed specifically to augment existing curriculum content in the Built Environment, Property and Business courses in Colleges, Institutes and Universities. In this way they are designed to fall under the umbrella of the University/College curriculum and offering. Each University will make its own assessment of this.

Learning Themes Gallery

Below are the key themes in image form that our exciting webinar sessions provide. Our session topics are based on an integrated learning model and also mixes traditional lecture method, blended learning and training.

Emerging from the above courses are key themes around Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Funding and Politics. Each course is designed to have class content and workshopping as in a Blended Learning Process in current University learning processes.

The Fasterclass: The One Month Mini-Course

Our courses are each designed to be completed in a calendar month across 4 weekly Class Webinars (1.5hrs each) and 1 Mentor Workshop.

The topics within the course can also be taken individually based on your progression, needs, budget and programme.

Who Should Attend?


Business, Property and Built Environment Students (Undergrad and Post Grad),

Business Owners,

Start Up Development Companies,

Construction and Development Groups

Industry Practitioners

Peak Bodies and Industry Associations

Built Environment Professionals and

Government Agencies (listen to the introduction video above for more information)

Getting Started

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Lecturer Plug Ins: Augmented Industry Content is included in our webinars.

You might be a lecturer who is seeking content on the area of Commercial Property Development or to add industry level content which is provided in the Master Classes. Engagement criteria in university Learning Guides is now commonly required and the Master Classes target this need specifically. Our team and network includes industry participants who we interview and include in our webinars.

Start Ups Listen In! Group Mentorships Available

Our master class programme includes the ability to design a start up company, create a new property development and then grow your company. Of course this also requires mentoring by our team in a workshop setting but more on this as you absorb the road map.

Webinars and Face to Face

The main delivery of the topics and programmes is through the platform which you can upload for free. The Zoom platform allows us to deliver our classes in a webinar format. We prefer these to be short sessions of about 1.5 to 2 hours. Face to face is also used for some of the mentor workshops.

Asia Pacific Time Zones : Webinars have international reach and scaleability for small to large classes.

The Master Class Offering in Commercial Property Development is in a convenient and affordable ‘short webinar format’ which is run to augment lecturing timetables in Colleges and Universities across the Asia Pacific Time Zones (from New Zealand to Sydney to Asia).

At University and College level it is designed to be a supplementary offering to Lecturers that provides their students with industry based skills/knowledge and to interface with executives from the industry. The Master Classes focus on students being both ‘work ready’ for employment and ‘street smart’ for entrepreneurship.

The Master Classes  focus on industry issues and use case studies that are challenging and problematic. Industry leaders and executives are interviewed by Dr Drane and the students are able to interact and ask questions during the sessions.

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Topic Samples

An Agile Life Path

Choosing  Entrepreneurship and Employment

An Agile Life Path- What lies ahead?

How will your life pan out – as an employee or an entrepreneur or both? This session is a ‘call to arms’ for budding entrepreneurs who would like to adapt their existing skill base to move into the Property Development Industry either as an employee and/or an entrepreneur. However, first they should know the vagaries and problems within the industry that go far beyond traditional views of money and glory . This valuable session also has a short survey and discussion on the skill sets of the attendee which aligns with skill sets in the industry from architect, designer to quantity surveyor and project manager and many more. The session allows students to start building a bridge into the industry. See Dr Drane’s Post ‘An Agile Life Path‘.

Think Like a Property Developer?

How do Property Developers Think?

Our cities are more and more reliant on private property developers for delivery of our buildings. Not all developers however are equipped to deliver the quality outcomes that are being demanded by our city strategists and planners. Dr Drane brings to life the world of property developers from his own life time experience and research and provokes discussions on ways forward.

This Master Class is an introduction to a series on this topic and is both for budding property developers but also City Planners and Economic Development Officers who are sometimes frustrated and bewildered by the forces of property development and how property developers operate and think.

The session includes a discussion on ‘Property Developer Dynamics’, the land parcels and value chain they harvest, the types of developers along the value chain, their sometimes nomadic nature, their modus operandi and the use of analytical tools and methods to quickly filter out numerous sites for development to arrive at the most viable prospects.

Vignettes and case studies of key property developments and developers are provided to bring the developer’s way to life.The webinar includes examples of key Property Developers and their main achievements which helps us get into their heads and discover the way they think and analyse business opportunities.

This session will help you think like a Property Developer whether this helps your move into the role of Property Developer or to take necessary measures as city builders to anticipate their behaviors.

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History of Property Development

Mirages, White Shoes, the 80s and the GFC

This webinar chronicles 6 well known Australian Property Developers from 1955 to 2010 and  a giant of the industry – Dick Dusseldorp (Civil and Civic Lend Lease) then to Christopher Skase (Qintex/Mirage), Alan Bond ( Bond Corp) , Brian Ray (Ray Group), Peter Wills ( CRI) and  Paul Peterson (Girvan). Their modus operandi and what I call Property Developer Dynamics are revealed.

Seed Capital

Other Peoples Money and the Mezzanine

A review of the vagaries of project related finance that bridges funding required by Property Developers who have limited seed capital. They find that there is a funding gap between their own seed funding and the parent debt funding of the banks. This includes a review of current practices and a short history of the decay of development and funding practices over the past 6 decades. A case study is used to bring the problem to light and industry guests bring the current practices to life.

Eagle VS Dove: The Planner’s Conundrum 

How do City Planners and Property Developers work together to be co-creators of sustainable, affordable cities and is this actually possible? This webinar is designed based on a dialogue between two practitioner guests (A Property Developer and a City Planner) who debate a contentious project in the public eye.

Site Workout:

Whatever Happened to Lindfield Avenue? 

To those who have lived on the North Shore of Sydney, they will remember the Frank Sartor era of State Led Suburban Planning which has led to the proliferation of apartments along the Pacific Highway and surrounds.The once genteel village of Lindfield, has had its fair share of new development, and particularly next to the train station in Lindfield Avenue. Once thriving but historical shopfronts were felled to meet the needs of the new mixed use development adjacent the station.This webinar presents this as a case study where geographic, demographic and analytical tools are used to show how these shops were bought out and how the new development was justified commercially.

Advanced Class: From Land Lot to Land Parcel

This advanced Master Class studies what Dr Drane calls ‘the genetic of property development’ or the ‘Seed in the Cityscape’. Drawn from his extensive practitioner based research over 3 decades culminating in his Doctorate (2015) and ongoing research projects, the session brings to life the way in which  land lots are transformed into to land parcels which form the platform for new developments and the growth of our cities. This fascinating topic forces us to view the future of our cities through different eyes and the associated vulnerabilities to unsustainable and un-affordable developments.

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Timetable and Calendar

These classes are in a short webinar format and offered per attendee or per student group on a pay per session basis which runs at specific time slots that suit students and practitioners across the Asia Pacific region from New Zealand to Sydney to Asia:

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Dr Jonathan Drane

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